think you know your King Ding-A-Lings from your Diaphragms?  then we’ve found the perfect event for you!

If you’ve watched every episode of this year’s Married At First Sight, then you have wasted 2674 minutes or 44 hours… let that sink in.

So, why would you let all that knowledge go to waste? 

The Palace Hotel & Jaws Events are throwing an event to celebrate the season that has passed. Much like the dinner party itself, you can snuggle up with a plate of food and wine (*cough* Ning *cough*) and look at the craziness that unfolded… while attempting to win some killer prizes. 

Last year’s event was supposedly insane, so if this season is anything to go by, this is an unmissable night!


Head down to The Palace Hotel (893 Burke Road, Camberwell) from 7pm on Wednesday 17th April to participate. Don’t forget your gold coin donation!

Free tickets are available now!

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