Last week, we saw Married At First Sight’s Susie looking (… and appearing impressed) at a naked calendar of her ‘husband’ Billy Vincent. 

However, it appears Susie’s reaction to the nude shots was not as genuine as we thought.

A source has told NW Magazine that the single mother was “forced to re-shoot her reaction” to the explicit images and be more ‘positive’. The 25-year-old allegedly “flipped” when she first saw the raunchy images and “stormed out” of Billy’s house. 

The producers were reportedly unhappy with the response – given the calendar is being used to raise money for a men’s mental health charity – so they prompted Susie to react to it with more “sensitivity”. 


The televised version saw Susie replying with: “It’s definitely not the worst looking thing I’ve seen in my life.”

She added: “When I saw Billy’s penis, I certainly wasn’t not impressed, let’s just put it that way.”

Fans of Billy can order the saucy calendars from John’s website. All proceeds go to raising awareness of men’s mental health and building support for men in need.

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

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