There have been A LOT of rumours coming out recently about the couple that was painted to be the perfect match on this season of Married At First Sight, Lauren and Matthew.

We’ve heard that they’re allegedly expecting a baby together and a kind of conflicting report that they’ve been “banned” from talking to each other following the filming of the show and now we really don’t know what to believe.

The only things that we can really take as the absolute truth at the moment are the things that actually take place on the show itself, and last night Lauren and Matt dealt us an absolute doozy.

While Matthew came on the show as a 29-year-old virgin with a lack of experience with intimacy, we saw him lose his virginity to Lauren on their honeymoon. However this didn’t make him anymore prepared for Lauren’s admissions about her sexual desires.

Having already told Matthew she had been in lesbian relationships in the past, last night we cringed through the moment she also revealed that she liked to be dominated and wanted to be sexually open with things like swinging and threesomes.


And judging by the advertisements for tonight’s dinner party episode, things go from awkward to NASTY between Lauren and Matt real quick after this.

In the preview, 31-year-old Lauren is heard grilling Matthew in a tense argument, accusing him of using her for sex.

“Did you use me to lose your virginity?” she asks. “I just feel a bit used, Matt.”

We don’t hear Matt’s response, but we see him later speaking with producers and telling them that, “I’m not actually attracted to Loz.”

While Lauren and Matthew appeared to form an instant connection following their wedding day and seemed to only strengthen this during an intimate honeymoon, it’s starting to seem more and more likely that they don’t stay together.

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.