Turns out Mike Gunner hasn’t been in contact with his fellow Married At First Contestants as often as we thought. 

The man himself joined Bianca, Mike and Bob in studio today to dispel a number of rumours including his current relationship with the other contestants. 

While the group were originally all in a Whatsapp chat together since filming finished up last year, Mike has chosen to leave the group.

Why, you ask? 

It’s all because of Ines and Jessika. 

Gunner said the pair were just non-stop sending selfies to the group and he had enough of it. 


Interestingly enough he had to pull himself up after saying that the pair was sending nudes, so we really are quite intrigued as to what kind of selfies were floating about in this chat group… 

Watch Mike Gunner’s reaction with Bianca, Mike and Bob in the media player above. 

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