Married At First Sight is the reality dating show that literally takes over the lives of people all across Australia as it draws us all in and leaves us wanting more.

But while it’s a highly addictive and entertaining show, it is questionable at times how much of it really is “reality”.

And this question was brought to mind once again last night when the show tried out a new technique in their dinner party episode that was so CRINGE that it sounded a bit fake and almost like it had been scripted.

In case you missed the episode, our runaway groom Sam Ball returned to the show to surprise his wife Elizabeth and they had a bit of a confrontation.

Lizzie pulled Sam aside to tell him how upset she had been that he hadn’t contacted her the whole time he had been away for a week at a funeral in New Zealand. And this is when the cringe moment happened.


We started hearing Sam’s internal monologue! Like we’re talking an echoey voice over of what Sam was thinking that was added in over the top of Elizabeth’s rant.

Here are some of the things he was saying…or supposedly thinking? (Or just watch the video above to hear them for yourself)

“Oh, she won’t stop talking!”

“It’s a nightmare! It’s a bloody nightmare.”

“I’m just looking at her going oh please stop.”

“F*ck, get me out of here. How do I tell this girl to stop?”


Now not only was the internal monologue really weird to listen to but it started making us question whether it was something the producers had told him to say. And for a number of reasons.

Firstly, while they’ve clearly highly edited the voice-overs to add in that echo sound, Sam sounded a bit robotic and like he was reading from a piece of paper instead of just chatting naturally.

Secondly, why didn’t they just play it out as a piece-to-camera instead of a voice over? Was it because the footage of the moment didn’t actually happen naturally?

Of course this is just us speculating here. But regardless of whether it was scripted or not, the obvious and heavy editing definitely makes it seem like it’s not really reality.

Either way, let’s just hope that they stop these internal monologue’s there and then. You’ve tried it, it definitely doesn’t work. Unless cringe was what they were going for…?

But hey, at least they’re making great TV. We’ll give them that!


Married At First Sight continues Sunday to Wednesday on Nine.