Buying a burial place is a very sacred purchase filled with emotion, as you try to best prepare for a time when you are no longer walking this earth.

So imagine the stress when a man discovered the plot he purchased in 1973 was onsold without his knowledge in 1978 and has been occupied by a complete stranger since 1981.

Luckily Melbourne man Dan Carroll inquired about moving plots to be closer to his current residence in Geelong or his family may have been left dealing with the dispute in years to come.

According to the cemetery records, his plot was refunded to Aubrey Carroll in 1978 – only problem being that Dan is not related to and does not know an Aubrey Carroll.

“I don’t know anyone called Aubrey Carroll, it’s obviously been a mistake,” Dan Carroll told The Herald Sun.

Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust have allegedly refunded Mr Carroll $1665.60 for the hassle but he believes the plot would be worth in excess of $3600 in today’s market – which will obviously effect his ability to repurchase his next resting place. 

Mr Carroll claims he is willing to go to court if the situation is not rectified. 


“I’m not prepared to accept that amount considering they messed up by selling my plot,” Mr Carroll said.

“I’m 85 so I could go anytime and I don’t have a plot and I haven’t got my money.

“If they don’t settle for the full amount, I will go to court, it’s probably what I should have done in the first place.”

Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust chief executive officer Jacqui Briggs-Weatherill acknowledged Mr Carroll’s predicament, but could not shed light on how the misunderstanding happened in the first place. 

“Records indicate the plot was purchased in 1973 and relinquished five years later in 1978,” she said. “It was subsequently sold as an available plot in 1978. An interment took place in 1981 under the new Right of Interment.”

“GMCT apologises for any distress caused and does not treat these matters lightly,” she said. “Hence a full investigation was undertaken, including reviewing very old records to establish the facts.”


H/T: The Herald Sun