While the whole ‘wife-swapping’ tradition seems to go against the whole concept of a show like Married At First Sight, it seems the producers don’t hate when it does happen because of the drama it creates.

Example 1 – the whole Hayley, Michael, Stacey, Mikey debacle this season.

But never did we think that producers would actually be working behind-the-scenes in order to encourage more wife-swapping to happen on screen!

This is what intruder bride from this season KC Osborne claims happened though, and she said that the producers actually set up dates for the contestants to go on with each other.

Taking to the comments section on an Instagram post, KC revealed that producers wanted to shake things up and so they set up this wife-swapping dates where KC went out with Jonethen and KC’s partner Drew went out with Jonethen’s partner Connie.


A follower asked the 31-year-old in the comments whether the rumours were true about her and Jonathan going on a date during filming. And this is what she said:

“We all did. It was set up by producers… connie went on a date with drew also. None of it got shown cause nothing happened.”

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Fellow contestant Natasha Spencer also backed up this claim, telling Daily Mail that KC was encouraged to pursue something with Jonethen.

“KC and Jonny went on a date… they got partnered together and sent on a high-class date,” she reportedly told them.

But clearly these weren’t good matches either because nothing actually happened on the dates and so they never made it to air.

This comes as there are rumours that KC is now in a relationship with Michael following filming of the show.

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