The year is 2019. Lizzie Sobinoff and Sam Ball are matched, and chaos ensues. 

One year later, Lizzie is back on Married At First Sight for a second chance, and Sam has a timely message for his former bride.

While he has no hard feelings towards the 28-year-old, he reiterates that there is “no chance” he will be watching the show.

“I haven’t watched this season at all… it doesn’t interest me,” he told C! News.

“I already know what happens behind the scenes of that show”.


He then proceeded to send Lizzie a message.

“My message to Lizzie is just best of luck, I think she’ll go great. She’s having another go and hopefully this time the experts match her and they’ll do the right job,” he said.

“I think she said from the start, we both weren’t each other’s type and we both wanted to find love but it’s just hard, when we got put in such a stressful situation like that.”

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