Turns out Rocco Ritchie isn’t keeping quiet as his parents battle over the teen’s custody. 

Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s public stouch has been well publicised in recent months as the 57-year-old singer fights to gain custody over her son. 

But it doesn’t look like Rocco is that keen on the idea, changing his Instagram description to “Son Of A B***H”. 

The irony is not lost on us that Madonna herself labelled him the same during her Rebel Heart tour in Australia. 

The remainder of his account remains private. 

However the Daily Mail reports that there has been multiple changes to the account’s profile picture – mainly selfies of Rocco himself, indicating it is his account. 


The 15-year-old shut down his public account with 140k followers earlier this year when tensions between the family increased. 

He has since been rumoured to only let very close family and friends – including his mum – access to his new account. 

Madonna will fly to Britain this week to visit her son for the first time since December. 

H/T: Daily Mail

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