You might have to buy some Maccas chips before you even go into the bathroom.

We’ve really never had to pay for a public toilet in Aus. There are parts of Europe and Asia where the practice is fully normal.

So when Maccas customers on the Sunshine Coast learned they could only access the bathroom through a code given out once they’ve ordered, people flipped out.

A photo of a sign outside the door toilets at the Maroochydore restaurant sparked fierce discussion on social media this week.

“Toilets proudly provided for the use of McDonald’s customers. Code on bottom of receipt.”

Kim McDonald, who shared the photo, had stopped into the store on Thursday for lunch with her family.


She said they had planned to buy food, but before that her 90-year-old grandmother had to use the bathroom, only to realise they would have to line up and order first.

Is it overkill?