Lynyrd Skynyrd has almost completely backpedaled from talk of retirement, despite being in the midst of what was initially marketed as the iconic Southern rock band’s farewell tour last January.

Members of the band began downplaying the farewell aspect of Skynyrd’s “Last of the Street Survivors” tour last fall. Now, front man Johnny Van Zant says the band is basically finished writing a new album.

The album is one of several projects the band has taken on, in addition to a live concert film for the tour.

“We have an album in the can really, to be honest,” Van Zant said in a new interview. “We have a bunch of songs that we’re all the time writing … probably after this tour we’ll have that album, do a studio thing.”

Skynyrd’s most recent show in Jacksonville was recorded for the purposes of the concert DVD and live album, though it’s unclear if that will be the only live show depicted in the film.

Van Zant says the tour has been surreal so far.

“The crowds have been just great. It’s been fun and sad at the same time to know that some of these places are the last time we’ll play there. But hey, all good things come to an end, right? …We have a lot of places we still want to hit. We’ll probably make another run sometime through Europe and down to Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.”


In February, Skynyrd tacked 21 additional dates onto the tour.

Guitarist Gary Rossington told iHeartRadio last year that the band isn’t “going away forever,” and he suggested there might be another album.

With more Skynyrd music apparently on the way, it’s unclear if Skynyrd is open to doing another tour after the “Last of the Street Survivors” tour ends. Members of the band have joked that Skynyrd’s next tour will be its “reunion” tour.

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Article: Andrew Magnotta

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