They have been together on the Sunrise couch since 2013, but it looks like it’s all about to come to an end.

David Koch and Samantha Armytage appear to be feeling the pressure of Karl Stefanovic’s rising popularity over on Channel 9.

After their ratings fell in 2016, Koch has apparently approached Seven executives and asked them to consider replacing Sam with Edwina Bartholomew, according to Woman’s Day.

‘There were a whisper that Kochie (Koch) has gone to the top dogs and told them they need to consider Sunrise’s Monday to Friday line-up,’ an insider revealed.

‘Today beat Sunrise in all of Australia’s major cities in 2016, and he’s worried they’re losing their handle on viewers.’

Sources have also said that Koch has struggled to bond with Sam like he did with previous host Melissa Doyle.

However, friends of Edwina say that while she is keen, she doesn’t want to steal as ‘Edwina is itching to replace Sam, and she’d love to be the one to take the show back to its glory days – but there are whispers that the execs think she’s getting a bit stale,’ the Channel Seven insider said.

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