Have you always had an irrational fear that one day you’d meet a person, start dating them and then realised they were your long lost brother or uncle or something?

Well, that fear is real. At least for a European couple, who after matching on Tinder and indulging in some flirtatious chat, discovered that they were actually long lost brother and sister!

Erik de Vries and Josephine Egberts were separated after their parents split up in 1999. According to a report on news.com.au, the messy break up of the couple meant that de Vries moved with his father to and twin brother to Belgium, and his little sister, Egberts, stayed in the Dutch city of Breda with her mother.

As the years passed, the siblings lost touch and eventually did not know of where the others resided.

However, when de Vries moved back to the Netherlands to study at age 24, he decided to jump on board Tinder in the hopes of meeting girls.

Now, this is the part that will make you a little ill.

Unknowingly, de Vries swiped right on a photo of his sister.


“The first time I swiped her profile I had absolutely no idea,” de Vries told Mic.

“To be honest, it hasn’t been on my mind in the past few years after Maarten, my brother, and I finished a failed search for Josephine.”

After getting a match, the pair started flirting, and as more and more detail emerged, de Vries became suspicious of the girl he was chatting with.

“I began to wonder to myself: it can’t be that I just had a Tinder match with my sister?” he told NL Times.

He immediately backed on, shocked by his realisation, before curiosity got the better of him. He began asking the girl he thought could be his sister about her part, in the hopes of discovering the truth.

After sharing his thoughts, the pair agreed to meet in a cafe in Tilburg.


“When I saw him, it was suddenly very clear,” says Egberts. “It was so special to see my own blood brother again.”

“Erik and I obviously knew for years that we had a little sister. You obviously don’t think about her every day, but a few years ago we did undertake a vain quest to find her,” he told NL Times.

“It’s too crazy for words that you come into contact with each other again like this, but that also makes it very special. I am very happy that I can now still get to know my sister.”

Source: news.com.au