Lisa Curry was praised for being generous with her one luxury item allowed in the I’m A Celebrity jungle last night but it seems crocheting isn’t the only way the Olympian is creative. 

The 54-year-old made sure that she would not forget her fiance’s face while competing on the reality TV program in a very cheeky way… 

The pair made up transfers of Mark Tabone’s face and attached them to Curry’s underwear. 


“We’re pretty tight. We’re like peas and carrots, we just go — that’s our saying,” he told the Sunshine Coast Daily.


“We had to come up with some strategy so she can see me.

“We put photo transfers on her underwear, so I’ll be displayed on her bum.”

It seems a number of celebrities have been more strategic this year with their luxury items.

Curry bought enough crochet sticks for all of the contestants to keep them amused. 

Casey Donovan thought music was the answer to keep her fellow campmates amused and brought in her own guitar.


Meanwhile Ash Pollard had a different approach, bringing an inflatable pool toy mattress… that she can basically just use on her bed for comfort.

Let’s just say not all of her campmates were enthusiastic with that item. 

Other luxury items brought into camp include a hammock, blow up flamingo pool toy, a football, dartboard, rubik’s cube and a journal.

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