‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’ is debuting in less than a month (!!!) and we finally know what each of the ‘Gilmore Girls’ – Emily included – are up to when Winter hits Stars Hollow.

Between Lorelei, Rory and Emily, their storylines are all based around big life changes and finding their identity within their new roles.

Emily Gilmore and the Death of Richard

Emily’s life has been uprooted by the death of her husband Richard. And this is the most obvious plot point that we know will greatly impact the lives of all three women. But it seems that Emily is hit particularly hard as she tries to figure out who she is without Richard by her side.

She spent her years coordinating his schedules, meals, social events. Now a widow, her day to day life will be very different. And did anyone else spot the prim and proper socialite wearing jeans and a t-shirt in the trailer!? NEVER thought that would happen…

We see Emily looking to find the ‘joy’ in life, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that her physical possessions just aren’t as fulfilling anymore without Richard to share them with.


In tribute to Richard (actor Edward Herrmann who passed away on New Year’s Eve 2014) when recreating the set of the Gilmore’s house, they increased the size to greater show the gaping hole that Herrmann’s passing left on the entire Gilmore Girls family. With the larger size comes a physical emptiness.

“It was finally big enough for Ed, and he wasn’t there,” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino told EW.

“Ed looms large. He loomed large in life, and he looms large over these episodes.”


Oh, Lorelei!

Lorelei also seems to be at a crossroads in life, although it seems like her journey is a little more about looking inward and determining what she wants out of life, her relationships and her career.


We know she is still at the Dragonfly Inn with Michael and Suki. Her relationship with Luke has evolved – it even looks as though Emily has warmed to Luke over the years. And her dear daughter Rory is back in Stars Hollow. But there still seems to be something missing or askew in Lorelei’s life.

One scene shows that she has started seeing a councillor, and while happy with her relationship with Luke, there does seem to be some reservations. There is a lot of speculation heading into the new season that a pregnancy is imminent – could this be one of the issues that is coming between the two of them?

There are still no signs of weddings rings or an engagement ring after all this time… But if the Gilmore girls’ kitchen is anything to go by, Luke has definitely moved in. There’s pots, pans and knife sets galore that would have no place in the Lorelei house of old!


Also, a scene in the Gilmore Girls trailer shows Lorelei hiking? In nature? Voluntarily? There’s got to be more to that scene than meets the eye.

Then there’s Rory.

Mild-mannered but becoming more independent every day, the Yale educated journalist. When we last saw her she was about to embark on her career as a political journalist, working on the trail of the Obama campaign. Now we know that she has spent some time in London (with Logan perhaps?) but scenes in this trailer give us a better idea on where she is at in life.

Over the course of this series she spends at least some time unemployed and feeling aimless – very un-Rory – while Lorelei is encouraging her to live like a nomad while she figures things out.

In exclusive scenes shown at EW’s Pop Fest over the weekend, we know that Rory was renting an apartment in Brooklyn but the building went condo forcing her to pack up and ship her possessions back to Stars Hollow.

“It was a perfectly decent apartment, it was a great place, I was just never there,” Rory says in the teaser.


“Do you know how many nights I actually spent there this year? It was not a lot, and now my building’s going condo, and I’m not ready to buy a condo…so bye bye Brooklyn.”

This brings up a few interesting points – she was not based in London… but the first page of the Gilmore Girls script for Winter indicates that she flies in from the England capital. Could she have been visiting Logan? Does she half her time between the US and London for their relationship? OR was there another reason why she was in London?

This also proves that even if she is in a relationship with Logan, it definitely was not a live-in situation (plus as if Logan would be renting an apartment given his family’s vast wealth). Could that give hope to those on Team Jess?


In the exclusive scenes seen at Popfest, the exchange between Rory and Lorelei indicate that Rory feels ‘free’ and uninhibited without her own permanent mailing address… at least initially.

“No apartment, not rent, no ties. I could crash here, I could crash at Lane’s. I feel like this is my time to be rootless and just see where life takes me, and travel wherever there’s a story to write!” Rory announces to her mother.

“I just wish I had remembered to label my boxes. Because now I know where nothing is. My books, my coat, my underwear!”

“You have no idea where your underwear is?” Lorelei quips.


“You’ve been without your underwear since you moved?”

This then explains Rory’s conversation in the publicly released trailer about having no underwear…

As for her career, there’s one image that has us very intrigued. As a journalism major, why is there an Algebra text book on her chest of draws in Lorelei’s house? Does she spend some time teaching in between perusing her journalistic ambitions? Tutoring to make ends meet? We can’t wait to find out.

There’s so much left up in the air about the series but thankfully we only have 25 more days to wait! 

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