Here’s some exciting news for Rolling Stones fans  Keith Richards says the band has finished recording a new album.

“[The album] is in the can,” Richards tells London newspaper The Sun, adding, “although it might be a surprise to people and I can’t say any more than that right now.”

The guitar great says the band’s previously reported recording sessions that took place in London in December yielded “a whole load of stuff.”  He adds, “In fact, the Stones have never cut so many tracks in such a short time. Now that’s not necessarily a guarantee of a good record but there is something in the works and I’d just like to leave it up there in mystery land.”

Richards also reveals to The Sun that, after recently finishing a Latin American tour that included a historic free concert in Havana, Cuba, The Stones are lining up more concerts in 2016.

“We’re planning some gigs later on this year,” he reports. “I take each tour as it comes and at the moment I’m still shaking Cuba off me.”

First up for the band is the opening this Tuesday of Exhibitionism, an expansive exhibit celebrating the group’s long career that will be housed at London’s Saatchi Gallery. Keith reveals that The Rolling Stones had hoped to play a short set to mark the opening, but that was nixed by local officials.


“There was a plan to do like four or five numbers on the lawn [at the gallery] but then the Chelsea Residents’ Association poo-pooed that,” he laments. “How generous of them.”

Meanwhile, Richards tells The Sun that, despite the increasing ages of The Rolling Stones’ members, the group has no plans to retire anytime soon.

“I must say the resilience of this band, all the crap that’s happened to us so many times, doesn’t stop the fact that we will keep going,” he maintains. “Just as long as we’re here, it’s not even a point of honor. It’s just a case of what else are you going to do?”


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