Karl Stefanovic phoned into the Bianca, Terry and Bob show this morning and admitted something we have definitely all been thinking.

Introducing Karl on the show, Bianca said:

“Look I love Karl Stefanovic, I’ve always loved him. He’s cheeky, he’s a larikin, he doesn’t care what people think…”

Not care he does, because in the interview today, he admitted he was in fact a “wanker”. 

After his knockout expose in Stellar magazine over the weekend, Karl posed with what one can only describe as ‘blue steel’.

“I had to capture the moment, I just had to really feel it and imagine myself as doing the Magnum PI and I hope it came across as it was meant to,” he joked… we think.

Bianca then asked him to face the cold hard truth that in a couple of his pics he looked like a wanker.


“I love it. That’s part of my personality!” he exclaimed, “I’m a WANKER!”

While it may be true, he is still Australia’s most loved personality and can’t help but love him too!

Onya Karl!

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