We finally know what the original Mary Poppins thinks of her successor.

Emily Blunt, who was recently announced as the eponymous nanny in upcoming sequel Mary Poppins Returns, has opened up to Entertainment Weekly about the moment Julie Andrews found out who would be stepping into her shiny, buckled shoes. 

“Rob [Marshall, the director] said he was in the Hamptons, and he saw [Andrews], and he said, ‘It’s top secret, but Emily Blunt’s playing Mary Poppins’,” the 33-year-old actor revealed. 

“And she went, ‘Oh, wonderful!'”

Emily then went on to explain that the support had eased her anxiety at taking on the mammoth task of bring the classic role back to life – a little.

“I felt like I wanted to cry. It was lovely to get her stamp of approval.

“That took the edge off it, for sure.


“I feel a little more trepidation with this [character] because she’s so emblematic of people’s nostalgia.

“It’s such an important character in people’s childhood.”

The English actor, who recently gave birth to her second daughter with husband John Krasinski, also dropped a major hint about the new movie’s plot, confessing that her version of everyone’s favourite nanny will be “a little meaner” and will draw heavily from the books.

December 2018 can’t come quickly enough!

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