What if the long-running leadership war between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd had played out in the style of a hit 1980s teen film?

A movie like, say, The Breakfast Club? Wonder no more — a clever videomaker has merged the two stories.

Just weeks after the former prime ministers Gillard and Rudd re-aired their dirty laundry on ABC’s The Killing Season, Huw Parkinson has given the saga his own unique treatment.

In the hilarious clip titled The Breakfast Clubbing Season, we see two of the biggest names of Australian politics in recent times taking on some very famous roles.

The work speaks for itself, but one of many highlights is a leather glove-clad Rudd thrusting his fist into the air as he leaves a long and eventful day of detention. Gillard dancing on a desk is a close second.

It’s not Parkinson’s first time taking Canberra happenings and merging them with popular culture — Ghostbusters with Jacqui Lambie is another gem.

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