Josh Lawson never imagined he would get one of the starring roles in the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat movie, joking that “he just beat Betty White out for the role of Kano”. Lawson is currently in Melbourne filming a top secret yet-to-be-announced project and will be one of the star guests at this year’s Oz Comic-Con.

He’ll be there all day Saturday, where fans will be able to meet their fave Mortal Kombat character irl (or their fave pharmacist from underrated US comedy series Superstore, for those of us who got addicted during lockdowns). He’s looking forward to meeting anyone that wants to talk to him, answering any questions…. and even take on constructive criticism from a passionate fan base! He self deprecatingly states he’s “just grateful to have any fans at all” and it amazes him that people see him as a superhero, saying he’s not like that at all, he’s a “total dork”.

Lawson loves meeting fans, especially the younger ones. He says “When I meet kids who are really into TV and film, it just reminds me of what I was like… I try desperately to engage as much as I can cos I know I would have really appreciated that when I was a kid”. However, he is surprised at the age range of MK fans, noting “I get kids coming up and I’m like, are you even allowed to watch this?”

He never played the game as a kid but before the movie, went down the rabbit hole of the MK dedicated fandom to get a better understanding of his character, Kano’s backstory. Although he didn’t do all of his fight scenes, crediting his stunt double (shout out to Ben Siemer!), Lawson really enjoyed playing Kano, saying “the bad guys are always the most fun to play”.

Lawson has also lent his hand to writing and directing, most recently in the heartwarmingly hilarious Aussie movie Long Story Short, in which he also plays a supporting role onscreen. The film centres around the value of time and how fast years can disappear on us before we know it. Lawson hopes the message of the film will “inspire people and remind them of what was really important in life”.

You can catch Josh Lawson living his best life at Oz Comic-Con is on this Saturday at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Tickets are still available here!

Image credit: People

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