Rock and Roll Hall of Famer John Oates has a book deal. St. Martin’s Press announced today that it will publish his memoir late in 2016.

It will trace the singer’s life from his early days in New York City, to his family’s move to Philadelphia, where he met his musical partner Daryl Hall, and through the ups and downs along the way to becoming the best-selling duo of the rock and roll era.

The still-untitled book will also focus on many facets of Oates’s life that fans are probably not aware of. He says, “I’ve become very focused on roots, Americana, blues, folk and other styles from our country’s rich musical heritage, and that’s really where I began before I met Daryl, in the Philly folk and blues scene… Of course, the story of Hall and Oates is an amazing one, and I’ve got some great tales starting with the night I met Daryl, right up until now, almost 50 years later.”

John adds that he’s “kept some pretty detailed journals, and I’m ready to take everyone on a vivid journey across the many musical miles I’ve been so fortunate to have travelled.”

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