It’s hard to believe it’s been over two decades since we lost beloved comic actor John Candy.

The Canadian born star appeared in over forty films including The Blues Brothers, Stripes, Uncle Buck, Cool Runnings, Spaceballs and Planes, Trains & Automobiles.  Now on the eve of what would have been his 66th birthday, his daughter Jen, 36 and son Chris, 32 have shared memories of their father with Hollywood Reporter

Watch John Candy’s children’s tribute to their late father

Both of Candy’s children have followed his path into the entertainment industry with Jen and Chris now aspiring actors. The two have shared their memories and even private photos of their dad as they explained how the lovable, kindly characters he played in film were an extension of his true personality according to Jen.

“He was loveable. And I think that’s one of the things that was at the core of all of our dad’s characters, a likability.” You mix…Uncle Buck and Del Griffith [Planes, Trains and Automobiles] and you’ve got my dad. He brought a little bit of himself to all of his characters.”  “He was constantly working with some sort of charity,” “He liked to make people laugh and feel good. And with certain kinds of charity work, especially with kids, he could do that, and that made him feel good.”


Chris also shares a story about a scene from the 1987 hit Planes, Trains and Automobiles:

“They were really overbudget and overschedule, and Paramount was coming down to get everything going. Well, that was the day they were filming the scene with the devil costume. My dad had the idea that it would be funny if Steve [Martin] saw Del as the devil. So [the Paramount execs] finally get on set and dad is walking around in this devil costume, and they’re like ‘What the hell does this have to do with anything?!'”

Chris remembers his dad: “He’s not really gone because we talk about him so much, and we’ll always open a box and there’s a billion photos of him. So, it’s like, there he is.” Jen concludes: “As much as he is gone, he is not gone. He is always there.”


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