The last installment of Led Zeppelin’s reissue campaign will hit stores at the end of this month, and after that, Jimmy Page says it will be time for him finally to focus on his own new musical project. 

Page tells NME, “The one thing I haven’t been seen to be doing recently is playing guitar.  So now I’ve got the opportunity to put all my drive into playing the guitar and working out what way to present myself next.”

As for who he plans to collaborate with Page says, “I don’t know who with yet because I haven’t had a chance to work on it, but I’ve got material that’s written I want to revisit and, well, it’s an exciting time.”

While he’s been busy putting together the expanded and remastered Led Zeppelin reissues, Page points out to NME that his old band mates Robert Plant and John Paul Jones have been out on the road with their own musical projects.  “The only person who hasn’t been out touring is me,” he says with a smile.  “So maybe we’ll address that soon…”

Regarding the completion of the reissue campaign, Page tells NME, it marks “a closure of the recording world, the studio world, of Led Zeppelin and the those years that Led Zeppelin was indeed a living band.” 

He says the project gave him the opportunity to not only make the original albums available with the best-possible sound, but thanks to the companion discs fans can now enjoy twice the amount of studio material from the band than before.  It’s been done from an authoritative viewpoint,” he says, “and from a passionate viewpoint as well.”

The last Led Zeppelin reissues, 1976’s Presence, 1979’s In Through the Out Door and 1982’s Coda, will be released on July 31.