After Jess Mauboy failed to take the stage at the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday, rumours circulated as to why Australia’s down-to-earth sweetheart, the ultimate professional, had missed her cue.

The rumours soon flooded in, speculating that she had suffered a major wardrobe malfunction and alluded to diva antics.

Now, Mauboy has divulged the real reason behind her no-show, and though it does involve wardrobe, the reason she didn’t make it on stage is because she suffered a panic attack.

As she was in the final stages of her hair and make-up on Melbourne Cup day, the bickering over Jess’ wardrobe started.

The singer revealed that though she tried to block it out and focus, the bad energy just became too much.

She had her first panic attack then and there.

Jess also divulged what goes on before a performer gets up on stage, “Before every performance you need at least half an hour to focus on what you are about to do,” the Daily Telegraph reports.


“People think it’s easy to get up there and perform one song but that one song is the hardest song to sing in Australia.”

As she was trying to clear her head and focus, the contractual deals about what outfit or shoes to wear were going on around her. “Time stopped and I could see it all going on around me. It was really horrible.” But by the time Jess felt ready to take the stage, it was too late.

“I know how to do big gigs, I’ve done Eurovision, sung in front of Oprah, sung in front of Obama and sang the anthem in the NRL grand final.

But I didn’t have a moment to pull myself back together. I should have been prepared to just walk on stage and do my job, the job I love, and they didn’t allow me to do that.”

According to the Daily Telegraph, Mauboy yesterday launched her perfume Be Beautiful in Sydney, and also met with a counsellor to understand why she became overwhelmed and learn how to prevent it.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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