Have you ever turned down a date because you didn’t like the prospective partner’s name?

Well, turns out people using Tinder are also that shallow!

Tinder has released the facts, and it seems that your parents have long ago decided your dating fate, if your name isn’t on this list then you might not be so lucky..

So here they are, the most-swiped names in Australia for 2016… drum roll please…

Samantha takes out the top spot for women while Chris gets the crown for men.

Rounding out the top ten for women are:

2. Madison
3. Montana
4. Jodi
5. India
6. Tayla
7. Maddy
8. Paris
9. Kiara
10. Abbey


And who’s tickling our fancy in terms of the fellas? After Chris, it seems the ladies take a liking to these names…

2. Ollie
3. Luke
4. Jasper
5. Finn
6. Harrison
7. Fernando
8. Kye
9. Jackson
10. Liam

Only a few spots to catch up to your big brother there Liam Hemsworth!

Oh wait, maybe not…


Source: Cosmopolitan

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