You may not believe us, but Kate Beckinsale is an evil genius.

Sure, she might trick you with her calm demeanour and posh English accent, but she will go places the rest of us wouldn’t and couldn’t even think of.

Still don’t believe us? Keep reading!

The actor joined Graham Norton where she revealed just how far she’s gone to prank her friends.

“If somebody falls asleep next to me it’s dangerous because I like to glue beards to them or draw tattoos… whatever it is,” she said.

“I’d run out of things like that, and yet I was still after the rush of doing it.


“I got into bed and I got one of those little chocolates that you get by the bed, and I thought how funny would it be if I just tucked it in between the person’s buttocks while they were asleep?!”

We told you. Evil Genius.

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