The animosity between some Sydney motorists and cyclists sharing our roads has been highlighted after a truck driver has filmed himself deliberately driving at a puddle to ensure a group of bike riders were drenched as he passed them.

The video filmed by the still unknown truckie has gone viral as debate rages about whether what he did was dangerous or just a bit of fun at the riders expense. 

In the video the driver can be heard saying:

 “So, we hate pushbikes. So, we’re not allowed to run ’em over. But hey, we can f—k with them! So, let’s have a crack at f—kin’ with ’em,”

“Yep – up ahead I see a little bit of water. So now’s a good time to start the overtaking maneuver I believe.”

He then proceeds to speed up timing his run to ensure the riders cop a massive spray of water off the road.


The Australian Cycle Alliance, is far from impressed, reporting the Sydney incident to police.

“This is just a really dumb move,” the Alliance’s Ed Hore told

“If he had hit that puddle any worse or if those riders were not good, tight, semi-professional riders than they would have gone down…They are very lucky to be alive,” he said.