After ignoring bids from Australia to grant Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran clemency before their executions, Indonesian officials have reached a new low.

‘Selfies’ with the death row duo have been leaked to the press and capture Indonesian Police posing with the pair during their trip to Nusakumbangan Island.

This comes after Indonesian police did everything in their power to prevent media from obtaining photos of the pair, until they got on the plane, at which time it seems they captured their own photos on their mobile phones.

The pair, seemed to have no choice but to comply with the unprofessional officers.

This blatant disregard for the gravity of the situation is appalling and is a pretty good indication of how Indonesia are handling this tragedy.

Twitter is also providing a pretty clear picture of how Australian’s feel about this…


This morning, we reported that there has been immense public pressure on Australian authorities to have the executions dismissed. When President Joko was asked about dismissing the executions, he said he could not discriminate between people from different countries, despite evidence that the two Australians have been rehabilitated.

He also confirmed that the executions will not be held this week, but will be very soon.



Images via Twitter

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