Do you have a podcast?

iHeartRadio is on the hunt for The Next Great Podcast, and they want to pump your show into earbuds all across the globe!

Submit your pitch for a chance to develop and launch a show on The iHeartPodcast Network, funded by iHeartRadio.

Your podcast can be about any topic and in any format.

Submissions can come from anywhere in the world, including right here in Australia, so it’s time to prepare the best pitch ever about the podcast you’ve been dreaming to make!

Pitches will be narrowed down by a panel of podcasters, led by head judge and legendary broadcaster Dan Patrick, and from there, 10 semifinalists will be awarded $1,000 to further develop their idea into a 10-minute pilot.

These pilots will be shared on “The Next Great Podcast” feed in the fall for fans everywhere to listen and vote.


One winner will be crowned “The Next Great Podcast,” featured on iHeartRadio stations across the world and work closely with Dan Patrick himself and iHeartRadio’s team of expert podcast producers to develop their podcast into an original series for distribution by The iHeartPodcast Network.

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