If you lost your sh*t when Uber delivered Messina and puppies – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

In a move that could very well be an April Fools gag, Uber are now offering to deliver REAL babies to your office.

UberBUBS is a service that combines Uber with trusting mums and dads around the country to cater to the clucky nature of us all.

However, you might be waiting a while – the waiting list is HUGE!

“If there’s one thing you hear time and time again from successful, white collar types in the CBD,” explains Uber Australia CEO Pieter Rank, “it’s the regret of having put career ahead of family. Today at least, even if only for 15 minutes, we’re giving them the chance to have both — no strings attached.”

Naturally, the parents of the bubs will be present at all times, but it is set to stir the same amount of chaos and distraction as when a friend ACTUALLY brings in their baby to the office.

The good part?


If the youngsters find themselves overwhelmed, the visit will be cut short and you will be offered a 50 per cent refund in return.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Download the Uber app.

2. Request the ‘BUBS’ option in the app TODAY between 12pm and 4pm within the Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs.

3. If available, you’ll get to enjoy 15 minutes of wide-eyed (or possibly stinky, wailing) cuteness delivered to your office, your home or even your reluctant partner to show them what they’re missing.

Source: Concrete Playground

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