We had a bit of fun last week imagining how the MKR would play as a drinking game.

In Sunday night’s episode, Bek, 27, and Ash, 30 cooked up a roast veggie tart, local snapper and profiteroles. 

Their dishes were a disappointment – they received the lowest score in MKR history – but worse still (or better, we can’t tell) was their series of dad jokes. 

Within the first 10-minutes we were hit with these beauties.  

“We’re starting the day with our favourite two T’s: Teas and Tinder.”

“We’ve swiped left, we’ve swiped right and now we’ve got our game faces on.” 

As they arrived at the fishmongers, they couldn’t help this classic: “Let’s be really e-fish-ent”.


And then their rendition of The Weather Girls, It’s Raining Men – swapping the Men for Tens… clever. 

So as we begin week two, let’s turn up the heat (see what we did there) and imagine our fantasy drinking game for My Kitchen Rules, 2017. 

1 x Drink

– Every dad joke.

– Every time a contestant cries.

– Every time Tyson clenches his jaw like he might just flip a table. 


– Every time Pete and Manu give the same score. 

2 x Drinks

– Every time Bek and Ash first pump 

– Every time there’s a reference to Ash and Kyle being husband and wife. 

– Every time David and Betty use a hashtag. #seriously. 



– Every time Tyson gives one of those awkward lets-not-touch-genitals-hugs.