As you know by now, the start of tonight’s Married At First Sight episode involved watching each participant’s audition tape before the group head out to the final dinner party.

And while all of them were very interesting to watch, one in particular landed a groom in very hot water with his wife.

We’re of course talking about Mishel and Steve, who have been having issues getting out of the friend zone since day one in their relationship.

And after watching Steve’s audition tape in particular, we think we, and Mishel too, can now see why.

During her own audition tape, Mishel spoke about being a very sexual person and how she thinks sex is very important in a relationship.

So we don’t think the lack of intimacy in the relationship has anything really to do with her. She couldn’t be trying any harder to make it work in our opinion really.

But Steve on the other hand, doesn’t seem to really be giving it a red hot crack. He hasn’t even KISSED Mishel yet. In fact, we think Steve would be great at this whole distancing thing.


And now we think we know why.

During his audition tape, Steve said that even though he’s 51, he wants a woman who is much younger.

“I don’t particularly want to be matched with someone my own age,” Steve says to producers in his tape.

“I want to be matched with someone of mid to late 30s.”


He went on to admit that his last relationship was with a woman who was 38 and he also admitted that he can judge people very quickly. He told a story about how he went to meet a woman aged 49 for a date and as soon as her saw her sitting at the bar he “straight away went nup”.

After hearing Steve’s audition, Mishel was visibly upset.

“I am 48, nearly 49,” she said to Steve.

Steve immediately started deflecting and got defensive saying that age wasn’t an issue for him and that clearly being with younger women hadn’t worked for him in the past.

But Steve, you still asked producers to find you a younger woman…

So maybe this is why Steve isn’t given his relationship with Mishel a real chance? On an intimate level that is.


Honestly poor Mishel. She’s got to be our favourite person on that show and the only one we really care about finding love at this point!

Fingers crossed her true love is just around the corner (because something definitely tells us that Steve isn’t the one for her…)