An unknown actor by the name of Hugh Jackilometresan starred alongside Nicole Kidman in the blockbuster film Australia, if Trivial Pursuit is to be believed.

Trivial Pursuit players in the UK uncovered an error with Hugh Jackman’s name – apparently caused when some instances of “km” were changed to “kilometres” – while playing the Family Edition of the popular board game during the Christmas holidays.

London-based John Lewis says his daughter was reading the card out when she noticed the error.

“I took two pics on my phone while we were playing the game and put them on Facebook/Twitter,” he told AAP via email.

“It seemed to go almost viral very quickly, which is weird given that I rarely use Twitter.”

In another error “kg” has been changed to its long form “kilograms”.


Thus, Trivial Pursuit asks which U2 song plays in the backilogramsround of a particular episode of Friends.

There’s also a question about the conflict in the backilogramsround of the film and musical Billy Elliot.

The errors were first uncovered by some eagle-eyed players and posted to social media in December 2015 but only found wider fame after Mr Lewis’s tweet.

Hasbro Games, which makes Trivial Pursuit, has been contacted for comment.

It is not known if the errors affect Australian editions of the game.



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