We’ve been anxiously waiting 18 months to find out who will win the Iron Throne, and while we’re completely and utterly obsessed with Game Of Thrones, many of us are simply unable to watch it live.

Why should we let some bombshell spoiler fill up our social media feeds and ultimately ruin our life day? 

If you’re like us, then you’re probably doing all you can to avoid mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed only to discover a bloody big spoiler. 

Why should somebody else’s selfishness affect your online activities?
The answer is – don’t let it!

Here are some quick-fire ways to avoid those wretched Game of Thrones spoilers.


Game of Spoils

This handy ‘lil Google Chrome extension blacks out all posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google News and Reddit that mention ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Winterfell’, ‘Targaryen’ and so on. 

Other similar extensions include Unspoiler and Spoilers Are Coming.

Mute, mute and… mute!

If you’re like us and love lounging back and immersing yourself in the Twitter-verse, then we’ve got the answer to your anti-spoiler questions!

Twitter allows you to mute specific Game of Thrones-related words, phrases and hashtags for as long as you decide.


Similarly, Facebook lets you “snooze” people and pages to prevent you from seeing their posts in your feed for 30 days. 

Public announcement!

If you’re in a workplace riddled with Game of Thrones minions then you already know the pain of overhearing that loud coworker announce to the whole office the latest character’s death just seconds after it’s aired. 

Communicate with your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances etc., and make them aware of your predicament. While this has a 50/50 success rate, it’s worth a go!

Profanity is allowed and accepted in this option… when deemed necessary.



If you’ve tried every other option imaginable, then we’ve got a solution. While this may appear over-the-top to many, it’s a common thought in the mind of a GoT fan.

Plot a spontaneous getaway somewhere in the bush that is known for its lack of Wi-Fi coverage. We heard Mildura’s wifi isn’t too crash hot.

Basically, avoid all human interaction and social media until you’ve finished the whole season.

Voila! You’ve avoided all spoilers. 

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