Ever dreamt of living rent-free?

Well one couple have managed to turn their dream into a reality, and have managed to live for free in New York for six years… And counting! 

Digital Content Producers Zachary Bennett and Karen Nourse, have not paid a cent for their Chelsea loft in more than six years. 

How? I hear you ask.

They have been relying on a bizarre law to back their claim that they shouldn’t have to.


Legal documents obtained by the New York Post show that the pair stopped paying the $6504.34 monthly rent on their West 26th Street home back in 2010.


According to the lawsuit, they owe $560,92 in rent and electric charges.

The home is the only residential loft in the nine-story building; the other units are art galleries or businesses.

The Loft Law is intended to protect people whose apartments are in mostly commercial or industrial buildings.

The couple claims they don’t have to pay rent because the building doesn’t have a residential certificate of occupancy, which does not comply with the Loft Law, meaning the owner of the property is not entitled to collect rent.

The landlord claims the couple needs to leave if they aren’t going to pay rent. 

But the couple say the building is not safe or legal for them to live in.


Personally, we can’t wait to see how this plays out…

Source: News.com.au

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