A Sydney couple who were addicted to ice has been able to keep custody of their nineseven-month-old baby.

Under a new government child protection scheme, the parents were allowed to keep their child, despite having their other eight children taken away from them.

The scheme entitles the couple to a part-time live in carer as well as therapy sessions.

The Daily Mail spoke to NSW Family and Community Services Minister Brad Hazard who said ‘far too much domestic violence, far too many drugs (and) far too much alcohol’ created ‘recipes for disastrous lives for children’.

 However, he doesn’t agree that taking a child away is always the best answer.

 ‘There is absolutely no question that removing a baby from mum is no guarantee that baby is going to have a positive future,’ he said.

Health coordinator Kylie Hughes said the scheme has allowed to parents to flourish and they are now thriving with their ninth child.


 ‘We had someone in their house with them for 40 hours a week assisting them with their interactions with the baby (and) observing them and ensuring that there was no more violence,’ Hughes said.

’Now we’ve managed to reduce the number of services and they go out to visit the service and they have case management outside of the home.’  

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