The off-screen drama surrounding House of Hancock continues with reports Gina Rinehart is pursuing her defamation case against the Nine Network.

Legal proceedings come despite her lawyers and Nine agreeing to some 4 minutes of edits and a disclaimer in the second episode, which pulled a bumper audience two weeks ago.

Media reports state Mrs Rinehart will ask the court to award damages and interest and also make an order permanently restraining Nine from further broadcasts.

The series is available for viewing on 9jumpin, and is due for release on DVD on March 19.

In an amended summons filed late last week, Mrs Rinehart says in broadcasting the mini-series, Channel Nine not only defamed her but committed the tort of injurious or malicious falsehood. Lawyers for Mrs Rinehart will be ordered to list the items in the series they believe to be defamatory. They have previously listed 20 separate items, only a few of which were amended in the second episode.

To be successful, Mrs Rinehart has to prove the alleged false statements were motivated by malice and intended to cause harm to her business. She also has to prove actual damage, such as loss of business which is caused by the false statement.

A hearing today will formalise the listing of the matter.


Channel Nine and Mrs Rinehart are yet to respond to requests for comment.

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