The Hoodoo Gurus drummer Mark Kingsmill is leaving the band after over 30 years of playing, and they’re looking for a replacement.

The Gurus announced Mark Kingsmill’s retirement on the band’s Facebook page and then followed it up with a formal statement.

Kingsmill, it seems, was tired of the “vagabond rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle”.

Lead singer Dave Faulkner wrote:

“Though he still enjoys playing drums, Mark has completely lost his appetite for the endless travelling and the many hours of hotel room boredom.

The physical demands of playing the drums as energetically as he does are also exacting a higher toll on his body than ever before. Really, who can blame him for wanting a change?”

Kingsmill joined the band in 1984, replacing original drummer James Baker just before the band went on their first US tour.


Kingsmill’s first album with the band was 1985’s Mars Needs Guitars, which contained two of the band’s biggest hits, Bittersweet and Like, Wow – Wipeout!.

The Gurus considered breaking up the band instead of trying to replace Kingsmill, but have decided to carry on and find a replacement worthy of Kingsmill’s drumsticks.

Faulkner also said:

“Inevitably our sound will change – it’s up to Brad, Rick and I to make sure that the next person is as inspirational a player as Mark has always been, and that we don’t diminish as a band. 

That will be no mean feat but, trust us, we will not settle for anything less than someone we feel is a perfect fit.” Faulkner said the band have a few more gigs with Kingsmill in March before he leaves for good.”