Home & Away star Ada Nicodemou has taken to social media to defend her plastic surgery after critics felt the need to comment on her body.

Nicodemou, who is currently on holidays in the Maldives with her partner Adam Rigby, posted a few amazing bikini photos from their retreat.

Her fans were quick to comment on her fit and toned physique, with one saying she looked “fake”.

Nicodemou, who is 41, responded to the comments.

“Thank you both for your comments and I appreciate that everyone has a right to an opinion but have you stopped to think what example this gives to other girls and young women about body shaming and tearing down other women?” she wrote.


“This is where cyber bullying begins. And btw I don’t use fillers and I rarely use Botox and the only surgery that I’ve done as is ‘fake’ is breast augmentation which I have every right to do. Maybe think before you post next time.”

The star, who is a mother of one, has never publicly spoken about her decision to get breast augmentation surgery or Botox injections.

Nicodemou told Who magazine in May 2018, “I’m so proud of myself, I’ve got the best body I’ve ever had.”

“I feel stronger and my shape has changed … my waist is smaller, my legs and arms have more shape and my booty has lifted — which was one of my goals.”


“I’m no longer sweating the small stuff. I’m more comfortable in my skin, I know more and I’m happy to say more.”