We’re calling it – this is the best thing you will see all day!

Meghan Markle attended the One World Summit last night in London and the footage of her being greeted by the charity organiser Kate Robertson has gone viral for how hilariously awkward it is.

Basically what happened is that the Duchess of Sussex was introduced at Royal Albert Hall before she walked up on stage to meet Ms Robertson.

As the pair got closer to one another, Meghan opened her arms to embrace the organiser in a warm hug. But Ms Robertson completely mis-read the situation and went to curtsey/bow.

As she attempted to save the awkward encounter by going along with the hug, Ms Robertson ended up wrapping her arms around Meghan’s waist.

Of course, the pair laughed off the greeting, but it doesn’t stop the fact that the footage of it is absolutely HILARIOUS! Like literally we want to watch this on repeat all day!


We totally feel for Ms Robertson too. It’s like the time that you see someone you know and go for the handshake while they go for the hug and you end up poking them in the belly! So awkward!

Royal tradition also dictates that when meeting a royal, one should either bow their heard, curtsy or even shake hands. But hugging is certainly not customary, so we understand Ms Robertson’s confusion!

The 38-year-old Duchess attended the charity event without Prince Harry as part of her role as vice-president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trut, which is currently partnering with One Young World to bring 53 young leaders to the summit.

The event was attended by 2,000 people from over 190 countries and is described as being a “global forum for young leaders”

Check out the hilarious video above!

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