Guy Sebastian has backtracked from a recent social media post regarding the Bali 9 executions after fans reacted badly.

Last week, the singer posted a “tribute” slideshow to executed men Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran to his Facebook and Instagram profiles, having penned a song for them.

Fans immediately reacted, with many calling Sebastian out for paying tribute to convicted criminals and ignoring other injustices.

The singer has since clarified his intent, telling the Daily Telegraph that he simply wanted to show his support for the men’s families.

“My mistake was to call it a tribute,” he said.


“I wasn’t necessarily paying tribute to them and what they did as human beings. I did it for the family.

“I wanted to say I don’t agree with capital punishment. I don’t think strapping them to a cross and shooting them in the chest is the answer.”

The 33-year-old explained that he “detests” drug trafficking, having seen its effects first hand.

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