Englishman Ewan Gordon has run the entire length of Great Britain to raise money for charity, running the entire time dressed as Forrest Gump.

Ewan decided to undertake the epic task as a tribute to 9 year old Thomas Laurie who recently passed away from Cockayne Syndrome. 

To help raise funds to find a cure, Ewan took on a bet from his mates to run the entire length of Great Britain dressed as Tom Hanks most famous character.

It took him 42 days to complete the trek, and he increadibly did it without even getting a blister, let alone any serious injuries!

Gordan says, “Like Forrest Gump, I run because I feel the need to and I will stop when my work is done, I will stop when they find a cure to Cockayne Syndrome, as yet there is no known cure.”


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Images via Facebook