It’s only five little letters, one short syllable and isn’t negative in the slightest, but Oxford Dictionaries have officially confirmed the most-hated word in the English language.

We don’t even want to type it, and we apologise in advance.

It’s “moist”.

The legendary word wizards launched an online campaign to figure out, once and for all, which of the thousands and thousands of words in the English language was successfully sending shivers down our spine and giving us the heebie jeebies every time it was spoken.

And although the #OneWordMap tactic had to be prematurely terminated thanks to “severe misuse” – welcome to the internet, folks – “moist” was the clear winner after more than 10,000 submissions.


Apparently, after plenty of research, our distaste for the word actually has scientific grounding; 20 per cent of the population hate it because of its association with bodily functions.

Just in case you were still curious, the top five looked a little like this:

1. Moist

2. No

3. Hate

4. Panties


5. Like

So, like, there you have it. No need to be concerned; we all get our panties in a twist about the word “moist“.

Haters gonna hate.

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