Rumours have emerged that Apple may be about to extend its replacement programme to the iPhone 6 after customers reported problems with its battery life.

Last year the giant admitted that it was having issues with the iPhone 6S batteries and starting offering users of the handset replacements.

But now a number of iPhone 6 users are saying they also find their devises shutting down with around 30 per cent battery life remaining.

It’s not just the iPhone 6 that has a replacement scheme, the iPhone 5 does too due to a “very small percentage of iPhone 5 devices may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently,”

The rumours are as yet unconfirmed but an Apple source told 9to5 Mac When Apple announced the 6s program, it said that only a ‘very small number’ of 6s units were affected, all of which were manufactured during a two-month period, making it seem unlikely on the face of it that the same issue could affect an earlier model.”

In a statement at the time, Apple said: “Apple has determined that a very small number of iPhone 6s devices may unexpectedly shut down. This is not a safety issue and only affects devices within a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October 2015.

“If you have experienced this issue, please visit an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider and have your device’s serial number checked to confirm eligibility for a battery replacement, free of charge.”


However, the snider is now saying that Apple are ‘We constantly evaluate service statistics. There are no plans or grounds for a wide iPhone 6 battery exchange program at this time but that may change.’

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