Aussie soap opera Home And Away has been forced to film in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales due to the pandemic’s impact on the show’s production schedule.

While producers had planned to film scenes in the Northern Territory, travel restrictions prevented them from travelling out of the state.

Series producer Lucy Addario told The Sunday Telegraph that the crew was forced to travel to the Blue Mountains, which is a little less than an hour away from Sydney, in order to make the storyline happen.

“Corona isn’t going to get in the way of us telling beautiful stories to the audience,” she said.

“We are privileged to be able to let our audience feel something other than fear from coronavirus or whatever else is going on so to be able to continue making great episodes is what we are determined to do.”

She added, “I truly believe that what we actually ended up within the Blue Mountains was possibly better because we were challenged creatively. We captured some beautiful moments.”


Despite the series producer admitting that it was a pricey decision, she admitted that it was the right choice.

“As long as it felt ‘away’ from Summer Bay, we were OK and I guess the Blue Mountains was a lovely contrast… to the hot sands of Summer Bay,” she said.

The storyline follows characters Bella and Nikau who are on the run.

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