I love live music as much as the next person, and am sorry to see so many live music venues across Melbourne, shut down over the years. I have also lived directly opposite a live music venue, and believe me, the novelty soon wears off after a few sleepless nights and there isn’t a set of earplugs in the world that can block that noise out.

Noise pollution is a huge problem for many residents and business owners neighbouring these venues and tough on all parties, but it looks as though this issue will soon be a thing of the past.

The Victorian state government has announced that they have finally found a way for residents and live music venues to co-exist in harmony.

The new program, dubbed ‘Good Music Neighbours,’ will be offering sound proofing grants for venues putting on live music as a part of Labor’s $22 million Music Works initiative.

Music Victoria chairman Tim Northeast, has said today that the program “will provide tangible support to venue operators and will facilitate better outcomes for residents who live near these types of venues”.


“It will help keep venues sustainable as they face increasing pressure from gentrification, and more venues means more opportunities for musicians and performers,” he said.

Grant applications are open now until Monday 13 July.

Source: themusic.com.au, Image: abc.net.au