Two 12-year-old school girls took a photo at Hampton Court Palace and haven’t been able to sleep since!

Holly Hampsheir took a photo of her cousin, Brook McGee inside the palace and another figure showed up in the image! 

“I was totally freaked out,” said Brook, who features in the photo next to the supernatural figure.

People are now convinced that the mysterious figure, cloaked in dark colours, is actually Dame Sybil Penn, the famous grey lady who is said to haunt the halls of Hampton Court.

“I didn’t see anything”, said brook. Meaning there was no physical person they saw in the room at the time, it was only after the photo was taken that the figure appeared.

Dame Sybil apparently died after getting smallpox back in 1562. She was a servant at Hampton Court and there have been sightings of her ghost reported since 1829, after her tomb was moved as part of the rebuilding of the church.


What do you think, is it a ghost? 

Photo Source: Mirror

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