In footage that has since gone viral, a young girl is seen riding a high-speed rollercoaster at Movie World on the Gold Coast when an ibis flies into her face.

The girl, named Paige, was riding the DC Rivals ride on Sunday when the bird smashed into her face just after the ride took a sharp drop.

The video – which was posted to Facebook – has already garnered 174,000 views and hundreds of shares.

“Omg that poor bird,” one person wrote.

Another added, “I cant hear her voice but can tell exactly what she was saying hahaha! That bird omg I would have a heart attack.”

Thankfully, Paige was only left with feathers hanging from her back and a beak scratch on her right shoulder.

The DC Rivals rollercoaster at Movie World on the Gold Coast is described as being the tallest, longest and fastest HyperCoaster in the Southern Hemisphere. It has an 89-degree drop, reaches a top speed of 115km/h and can be ridden facing backwards.


Watch the footage above!

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