A Geelong man has been accused of doing a runner with a $16.6 million lotto win, instead of splitting it with his colleagues as promised.

Sixteen coworkers formed a syndicate and entered the $50 million lottery draw last October, but one of the members seems to have sped off with the winnings, leaving his colleagues in the lurch.

The Geelong man collected the group’s money weekly to submit their tickets, and after the Powerball winners were announced, he disappeared and resigned from his job.

Reports state that he has since purchased a number of properties for himself and a family member, as well as a luxury vehicle.

His former coworkers now plan to challenge the man in the Supreme Court of Victoria, where they will claim they have a right to equal shares of the winnings. According to reports, one member of the syndicate is now in a relationship with the man and has withdrawn from the legal battle.

It is anticipated that the man will argue he bought the winning ticket separately to the group ticket.

Since the situation has hit the media, the winner now says he will shout the fellow syndicate members one round of beer… we’re not sure that will suffice to make them back down from the legal battle… 


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