It is well known in the media industry that interview opportunities with John Farnham are rare to come by – he hasn’t done one in four years!

Our very own Gavin Miller has always wanted to chat with the superstar, and thought “Why not give it a go?”and emailed John Farnham’s manager, Glenn Wheatley to ask the question.

Hi Glenn,

My name is Gavin Miller. I am a presenter on GOLD 104.3 in Melbourne, and we love ourselves some John Farnham.

I understand that John does not do interviews, and I totally get why he wouldn’t. I totally get that the guy is a dead-set living legend who does not need our radio station’s help to sell concert tickets, so if I were in his shoes I doubt that I would do interviews either. 

Having said that, I didn’t get where I am in life by automatically accepting no for an answer. Neither did you. Neither did John. 

I’m therefore writing to you, and by extension to John (Hi John! Big Fan!) to see if it would be possible to gently persuade John to give me no more than fifteen minutes of his time on the phone any weekday between 1 and 6pm for me to record an interview with him. If he wants to drop by the radio station in person, that would obviously be amazing, but I wouldn’t want to push my luck.


I’ve been on the wireless since 1988, and John Farnham is pretty much the only Australian singer I’ve never interviewed (well… apart from Johnny O’Keefe, but he has a really really good excuse) and without wanting to brag too much, GOLD104.3 is the top rating FM station in Melbourne, so John would be making a lot of Melbournians very very happy if he agreed to this chat. 

I will happily comply with any areas of questioning that you would like me to avoid (not that I could imagine there are any – I have nothing but positivity in my heart for this man!) and I can assure you that I would approach this interview from a superfan’s perspective and treat John with the utter respect that he so richly deserves.

I may well be pissing into the wind writing this email to you, Glenn, and if so, that’s fine… but it’s worth a shot. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

With respect,
Gavin Miller
GOLD104.3 Afternoon/Drive Presenter

And, as if by some miracle, John said YES! And without any further ado, we are so excited to share Gavin’s exclusive interview with John Farnham with you here. Enjoy!